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Store & Forward functionality is a function of Payment Device Controller. Store & Forward Mode is an optional transparent offline mode that allows POS to continue taking credit cards without delays during connectivity failures. After a set number of unsuccessful connections, rush mode is initiated and the credit card transactions are recorded offline for later processing. A countdown timer is initiated to keep the transactions from retrying the connection for some time to speed up the processing and avoid the timeout delays. At the expiration of the timer, the connection is retried and rush mode is exited if connection is successful. Store & Forward mode is optional and has to be enabled and configured to become active.


C9PG Store&Forward User Guide

Store&Forward Setup & User Guide


No interface changes are required on the POS side, as the POS is receiving temporary Authorization Codes through the standard interface to prevent any errors.

Enabling Store & Forward

Store & Forward is enabled by default.

To control it, see /C9PG/PDC/Conf/com.jijesoft.gateway.rushmode.ini file:
[RushMode] UseRushApproval=true

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