TLS 1.2


Windows Version Support

The processors are starting to disable non-TLS1.2 access to their servers. To ensure that you are compliant with this requirement, please read the following important announcement.

Please, review the following Windows version requirements, and make sure that your Windows version supports the required TLS 1.2 protocol.

Enabliing TLS 1.2


The following procedure must be repeated for ALL users running the CreditLine Server Service and/or PDC.  (In particular, if there is a user named “911soft”, change the settings for that user, as well.)

On your computer, enter the Internet Options (either via Internet Explorer Settings/Tools Options or the search bar)

In the Internet Options screen, Click on Advanced Tab.


Note: that TLS 1.2 are enabled by default in Windows 8.1+ releases. Prior to this they are disabled, by default. Google “Enable registry TLS1.2 for Windows XX ” (XX is your version of Windows) to obtain info on enabling TLS 1.2 on older versions, where available.


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