Smart additions to simplify payment processing

Cloud 9 offers a range of additional services to compliment your payment processing workflow.

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Merchant Account
We put over 20 years of experience and the weight of over 50,000 merchant accounts into negotiating the best deal for our clients. Let our leverage work for you.
What can we do for you?
  1. Up to $20,000/month in bonuses.
  2. QuickChip EMV 1 second transactions, with offline capability and Tip Adjust.
  3. ACH
  4.  Processor native or free processor independent tokenization.
  5. Full control of payment terminals, including terminal driven loyalty data collection, and event notification.
  6. Enterprise management with ability to drill down from corporate to individual payment terminal for reporting and control.
  7.  1-1 business concept mapping with region, chain, profit center etc
  8. Lowest transaction cost in the business with optimized interchange rates.
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Need a hosted enterprise payment processing cloud solution? Let’s discuss the options
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White Label Options
Modern payment processing development is a risky and costly undertaking with heavy compliance requirements. May we offer you a shortcut? It’s a win-win.
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Integration & Software Outsourcing
Our experienced teams of software engineers in US, Europe and China have built payment solutions of every kind, cutting edge point of sale systems and mil spec software solutions. Think of us as your personal software genie.
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