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HTTP API Sample Screenshot

Important Test Account Info

→NOTE: This is an actual TSYS test server. Please, use $1.00 and 999 for CVV to test, as various other amounts are hard-coded to return errors and other responses
The full description of various TSYS Test Server Responses can be found here TSYS Test Account

Required Libraries + Sample Application with Source Code

→ Please, see the mini-POS developer package (download, unzip the file and run the executable, the code is in the INC directory)

API for Point of Sale

DLL based cross platform full-featured API:

  1. Automatic Time-Out-Reversal Handling
  2. Automatic Load-Balancing.
  3. Service Discovery (No need for IP address or port processing)
  4. Auto-Reconnect
  5. Event call-backs for payment terminal/pin-pad notifications

For more info see C Languages API Documentation

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