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Cloud9 Payment Gateway Documentation. This site can also be reached at

Connection Errors

If your terminal is unable to connect to Cloud9 Server, please try the following steps:

  1. Start PDC.exe on the terminal
  2. Go to "Settings" menu and select "Connection Configuration"
  3. Click "Connect Test" button and see if the connection is successful. If it is not, please check the IP/host address. Check the firewall to allow connection to 5558.
  4. Check that the Payment Terminal connection type is correct (USB/Ethernet vs Bluetooth). E.g. on Ingenico: Hit F key 4 times at the “This Lane Closed” screen, Select “Change Port”, Select correct type (e.g. “USB Serial Conv”), Hit the Green key, then select “Save”

TSYS Errors

INV FIELD IN MSG - Response Code 30

Check the Terminal ID. If the first letter is "V", then change to number "0" and try again. Otherwise, call the processor and troubleshoot the setup field by field.

RE Enter

  1. Make sure there are no special characters in Business Name
  2. Make sure that phone number, zip code and state are all correct. A mismatch in one (e.g. area code not matching the zip code) can trigger this error.

From the makers of Cloud9 Payment Processing Gateway and Creditline Credit Card Processing Software

Chase Paymentech Errors


Check UserName and Password with the processor.

Entering Cards Manually

On Ingenico device, hit the F1 key (below "ENTER CARD") at the “Insert, Swipe, Tap” prompt, to begin a manual card entry.

Unable to Change Processor

To Change the Processor, batch out and uncheck all the card type mappings.

Jonas Troubleshooting

See Jonas Check List