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Test Cards (will work with any valid expiration)

Test account is programmed to respond with Approval to only select accounts, AVS and CVV

Test Account#1 + AVS, CVV

"AccountNum": "5413330089604111",
"CustomerAddress": "8320",
"CustomerZipCode": "85284",
"CVVNum": "998",

Test Account#2 + AVS, CVV

"AccountNum": "4788250000028291",
"CustomerAddress": "8320",
"CustomerZipCode": "85284",
"CVVNum": "999",

Test Amounts

Test account is programmed to respond with errors to specific amounts. The following is a safe choice of amounts to test with:

  • $1.00 ("MainAmt": "100", for implied decimal point)
  • $1.15 ("MainAmt": "115", for implied decimal point)

Additional Test Cards and Scenarios

The full description of various TSYS Test Server Responses can be found here: TSYS Test Account Script

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