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GMID is a Gateway Merchant ID - a wrapper for a merchant account Merchant ID. Please, provide it to support personnel for debugging purposes. GMID is property of a Profit Center

Profit Center

Profit Center is characterized by it's industry (Retail, eCommerce, etc), attendance and card present activity. Profit Center is a gateway wrapper for a merchant account. It's a one-to-one relationship. A particular Store may have multiple Profit Centers. For instance, a restaurant may have online sales, cashier and bar, which each have their own merchant account. The rule of thumb is the number of your merchant accounts will determine the number of required Profit Centers.

Finding GMID

1. Click on the Setup -> Structure menu item.
2. If you can't find your Store, in the Filter Nodes section enter search terms for your store.
3. Click on the desired Store

Store search.jpg

4. If you used Filter Nodes, clear any search terms to show any hidden items and profit centers
5. Click on the desired Profit Center


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