Payment Processing EMV Terminal Pin Pad Setup

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Setup Instructions

Payment Device Controller/Driver Setup

Ingenico Tetra Telium3

Ingenico Telium2

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Cloud9 Payment Gateway and EMV compliant devices directly from Cloud9 Payment Services.

Supported Terminals/Pin Pads

  • We support and sell the full line of Ingenico Telium 2 EMV and NFC compliant devices, such as Ingenico IPP320, IWL350, ISC350, etc. All future Telium 2 devices will be supported automatically. All Terminals and Pin Pads from that line are EMV compliant and operational. See #Hardware Setup below for more info.
  • Also supported are any and all MSR readers and non-EMV compliant pin pads for non-EMV transactions.

From the makers of Cloud9 Payment Processing Gateway and Creditline Credit Card Processing Software