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Cloud9 Payment Gateway Documentation. This site can also be reached at http://docs.cloud9paymentgateway.com


E2EE is End to End Encryption methodology
P2PE is a Point to Point Encryption methodology
P2PE is a subset of E2EE. The major difference between P2PE and E2EE is that P2PE does not allow the merchant to be a manager of the encryption keys. Under the P2PE standard, only the transaction processor or other third party is allowed to perform key management. The merchant is never allowed to perform encryption key management under the P2PE standard. As a result, DUKPT can be used by both P2PE and E2EE solutions. However, under P2PE, the key management must be done by a third party, not the merchant.

Compliance Info

For the most recent update on P2PE an E2EE compliance, please see Cloud9 & P2PE/E2EE

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