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Sample Test Application Screenshot


iOS SDK Library & Sample Application

  • iPDCLib.framework is the framework that can be used with your application.
  • iPDCApp is the sample app
    • See iPDCApp/ViewController.m file for sample usage of the iPDCLib.framework
    • In the sample code, the framework is placed under iPDCApp/iPDC.libframework directory
    • Always use the latest version of iPDCLib.framework from our web site.

JSON Protocol Reference

The native iOS Payment Device Controller module facilitates payment operations via JSON Key-Value pairs. '
See JSON API Documentation for full functionality info.



  1. Use the API & Sample Download Link above to download the package and unzip it to a local drive.
  2. Add iPDCLib.framework to your project like other normal framework.

Bluetooth Instructions(e.g. Ingenico ICMP model)

  1. Add "Supported external accessory protocols" to your app's info.plist with value "com.ingenico.easypayemv.spm-transaction" (there is a sample info.plist in the iPDCAppdirectory)
  2. Enable background communication. Add "Required background" to your app's info.plist with value "App communicates with an accessory" (there is a sample info.plist in the

IP Based Communication Setup (e.g. Ingenico IPP320

For Ingenico IPP320, to find the Payment Terminal IP Address, restart it and hit F2 when you see the RBA version.

Sample JSON Request


"GMID": "2001003223",
"GTID": "GT3010020919",
"GMPW": "03",
"TransType": "Sale",
"Medium": "Credit",
"MainAmt": "100",
"NeedSwipeCard": "Y"

API Usage

Basic Flow

See iPDCApp/ViewController.m file and JSON API Documentation for reference

1. Initialize
Call initWithDelegate
2. Set general parameters
Call setProperties.
3. Process transactions
Call postTransactionToUrl:request:withTimeout to process transactions. Repeat as many times as necessary.
4. Get transaction response
TransDataReceived function will be called on payment engine response
5. (Optional) to get track data, use performAction request
ActionDataReceived function will be called in response to additional info request via performAction call (e.g. Track Data)

API Introduction

See iPDCApp/ViewController.m file and JSON API Documentation for reference.

Class iPDCManager is the main interface.

1. Protocol IPDCManagerNotify includes four events
-(void) deviceConnected; ==>triggered when pinpad connected
-(void) deviceDisconnected;==>triggered when pinpad disconnected
-(void) TransDataReceived:(NSData*)data; ==>callback function for when postTransactionToUrl api is called. Param data is the transaction return data with JSON format. This format detail can be found in our JSON API Documentation.
-(void) TrackDataReceived:(NSData*)data; ==>callback function for when readTrackData api is called. Param data is the track2 data with JSON format.This format's detail can be found in our JSON API Documentation.
2. initWithDelegate
Instantiate the iPDCManager class and set the IPDCManagerNotify delegate.
3. setProperties
Set the configurations in key-value format.
Valid Keys
Prop_RushMode: enable rush mode or not,default value is "false",valid value is "false" and "true"
Prop_UploadUrl: set where to upload the rush mode transactions ,NO default value.
Prop_CheckInterval: interval for checking rush mode transactions.default value is 60
Prop_FailedThreshold: the max count of trying transactions before enter the rush mode,default value is 3
Prop_QuickChip: enable quickchip,default value is "true",valid value is "false" and "true"
Prop_PinpadIP: Pinpad's IP address for ethernet interface, NO default value.
Prop_PinpadPort: Pinpad's port number for ethernet interface, default value is 12000
Prop_PinpadInterface: set which interface to use. valid value is "BT" and ETHERNET", NO default value,need to be set explicitly.
  • Prop_PinpadInterface key must be explicitly set. This must be called in the main thread only once.
  • → Search for bSupportIPP320 variable in sample code to learn how to use Bluetooth or Ethernet for connecting to the payment terminal (ICMP is bluetooth, IPP320 is Ethernet.
  • For Bluetooth only: add "Supported external accessory protocols" to your app's info.plist with value "com.ingenico.easypayemv.spm-transaction" (there is a sample info.plist in the iPDCAppdirectory)

4. postTransactionToUrl:request:withTimeout
Process the transaction request. This will send the request to url via https protocol unless it is Store & Forward (Rush Mode). The request detail can be found in our JSON API Documentation.
  • 4a TransDataReceived function
This function will receive JSON response from the POST above. For instance ResponseCode,AuthCode, ErrorText, etc Use JSON API Documentation for details.
5. performAction request.
Use parameter {"TransType":"ReadTrackData"} to get track2 data for swipe id cards, in-house gift cards, etc.
  • 5aActionDataReceived function
This function will be called with return data. You can use JSON parameters, such as Track2 to retrieve useful data.

iPassthruManager (DEPRECATED)

Passthru manager is an older version of Payment Device Controller Manager without Store & Forward. It is maintained for backward compatibility. Click on the following link for information on iPassthruManager

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