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Simple web HTTP based API for online based and web enabled point of sale integrations.


Web Based Mini POS Sample

HTML Sample Source Code


The following points the sample to the test server:

  function onStart() {


       //let sUrl = PGC_SVC_C9PG_PDC;      // production server  
       let sUrl = PGC_SVC_C9PG_PWE_TEST;   // test server

These lines assign the test merchant account info

function onRequest(nTransType) {


       //Set Merchant Account Info (Merchant ID, Terminal ID, Password)
       PgcSetStr(nSess, 0, PGC_GWKEY_GMID, '1001396250');
       PgcSetStr(nSess, 0, PGC_GWKEY_GTID, 'GT1001396253');
       PgcSetStr(nSess, 0, PGC_GWKEY_GMPW, '123');

Important Test Account Info

→NOTE: This is an actual TSYS test server. Please, use $1.00 (100 for implied decimal input in the samples below) and 999 for CVV to test, as various other amounts are hard-coded to return errors and other responses
The full description of various TSYS Test Server Responses can be found here TSYS Test Account

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