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Cloud9 Payment Gateway Documentation. This site can also be reached at

Quick Link

Download Latest PDC


Optional Payment Device Controller (PDC) hides the complexity of low level communications with the payment terminals and adds Offline Store & Forward functionality, if desired. The client (POS/web page/mobile device, etc) can communicate with the PDC, which will in turn control the payment perminal/pin pad and relate the processing instructions to the Cloud9 Payment Gateway. This is the easiest form of integration and it is recommended.
Note: Variations of Payment Device Controller are Payment Mobile Controller (PMC) and Payment Web Controller (PWC), dealing with mobile and web based payment processing functionality respectively.

→ OPTION1: Local Payment Device Controller with Store and Forward Capability

Main Cloud9 Payment Processing Gateway Integration Diagram
The client can communicate with a local Payment Device Controller (PDC) via SOAP, JSON or using the wizard like wrapper, written in C/C++/Java.

→ OPTION2: No Local Software - Direct Cloud Connection to Cloud9 Payment Web Controller (PWC)

Cloud9 PWC Direct Integration Diagram
The client can communicate directly with the cloud Payment Web Controller (PWC) via SOAP, JSON or using the wizard like wrapper, written in C/C++/Java.

Payment Device Controller Setup

Please, see Cloud9 Payment Device Controller Setup

Supported Terminals/Pin Pads

  • We support and sell the full line of Ingenico Telium 2 EMV and NFC compliant devices, such as Ingenico IPP320, IWL350, ISC350, etc. All future Telium 2 devices will be supported automatically. All Terminals and Pin Pads from that line are EMV compliant and operational. See #Hardware Setup below for more info.
  • Also supported are any and all MSR readers and non-EMV compliant pin pads for non-EMV transactions.


[file: Cloud9 Payment Device Controller (PDC) V1.05.01]

Hardware Setup

Ingenico IPP320 Setup


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