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Fallback charges at POS terminals is a rare and sometimes fraudulent occurrence merchants should be aware.

Fallback transactions and fraud

Fallback transactions occur when a chipped payment card is not accepted at a chip-ready POS card processing terminal. The result is that the transaction must "fall back" to using the card's standard magnetic stripe for payment instead. Transactions that force fallbacks are rare but they do occur - either from ...
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EMV adoption by card holders and small businesses has increased significantly since 2015's liability shift.

Quick facts about the current state of EMV implementation

It has been over two full years since the EMV liability shift took place and some major changes in the payments industry and EMV implementation that occurred in that time. According a report from, Sarah Grotta, a debit advisor at Mercator Advisory Group, said EMV cards constituted 25 percent ...
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Fraud from purchases where the card is not present is increasing in globally and merchants should prepare themselves.

Card not present fraud a growing issue

Two years following the EMV fraud liability shift in Oct. 2015, evidence points to the implementation of EMV technology by merchants and credit card companies as largely successful in preventing financial losses and protecting data during transactions.However, the technology has not stopped all instances of lost revenue from criminal activity ...
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