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Generation Z has significant purchasing power and retailers should prepare for their advancement in the use of digital payment methods.

Generation Z and payments: What to know

Generation Z is the demographic of teenagers and young adults aged 13 to 22 that follow just behind Generation Y, otherwise known as millennials, who are between 23 and 37. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research and backed by American Express, 81 percent of the youth in Generation ...
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Using contactless payments is an efficient and secure payment system that may be overlooked by many U.S. consumers.

Contactless payments: Are they safe?

Consumers in the United States have been relatively slow to begin use of contactless payments in their everyday transactions. This is due in part to a general lack of knowledge many have about the payment system.Transactions using contactless payments are based on the use of contactless cards or digital wallets ...
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Synthetic identity fraud is a growing illegal activity that is costing the credit industry billions each year.

Synthetic identity fraud is a billion-dollar issue

Synthetic identify fraud is an increasingly serious problem, but one whose reach many retailers may not be fully aware of. The activity usually does not affect day-to-day vendor business, but its practice can be precipitated by customer information stolen at the point of sale.The illegally taken information, usually pulled from ...
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