Cloud 9 provides secure EMV solutions without the high cost normally associated with payment processing.
Any Processor
You can use Cloud 9 for processing payments via any payment processor, with fast and easy setup.
Cost Effective
With the lowest rates in the industry, Cloud 9 is tearing up the rule-book and giving you a new way to take payments.
Store and Forward
Never lose a payment because your connection is down. Store and Forward always keeps you in business.
No hidden fees
We hate hidden charges, that’s why we never throw you any surprises, you’ll always know what you’re going to pay.
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Business interruption a crisis companies fear most in 2018, poll finds

January 31, 2018

In terms of what poses the biggest risk to business owners’ bottom line and smooth flow of quality services, topping them all are business interruption and cybercrime, according to recent findings from Allianz.

How processing chip flaws exploited by Meltdown and Spectre affect payments

January 22, 2018

Recently discovered flaws in a large number of computer computer chips can put many retailers at risk of data theft.

Payment data breach at retailer Forever 21

January 9, 2018

Forever 21 recently announced they were victims of a malware attack that compromised customer card data. 

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