Cloud 9 provides secure EMV solutions without the high cost normally associated with payment processing.
Any Processor
You can use Cloud 9 for processing payments via any payment processor, with fast and easy setup.
Cost Effective
With the lowest rates in the industry, Cloud 9 is tearing up the rule-book and giving you a new way to take payments.
Store and Forward
Never lose a payment because your connection is down. Store and Forward always keeps you in business.
No hidden fees
We hate hidden charges, that’s why we never throw you any surprises, you’ll always know what you’re going to pay.
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Latest Articles

How retailers can protect against online credit card fraud during the holidays

January 11, 2017

Retailers will run millions of credit cards by the end of the holiday shopping season.

Cloud9 Payment Gateway Achieves Full EMV Certification

August 26, 2016

Cloud9 Payment Gateway has successfully completed the EMV certification for all card brands and across the full EMV specification, including chip&pin, debit, online and offline functionality, NFC etc.   The certification was done for any Ingenico Telium 2 series device, such as IPP320 , iWL250, iSC250, etc.

Cloud9 Payment Gateway is PCI 3.1 Certified

August 4, 2016

Cloud9 Payment Gateway has achieved PCI 3.1 Certification via its parent company 911 Software, INC. For more information on Payment Processing solutions from Cloud9 Payment Services and 911 Software, INC, please see http://cloud9paymentgateway.com and http://911software.com

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